There is a lot of different car charging providers available to charge your electric car.

Different pricing structures make it very hard to calculate how much you will pay to charge your car or compare them. This website aims to help you calculate the estimated cost to charge your electric car.

Just input the size of your cars battery, the State of Charge (SOC) of your car when you start charging, the SOC you want it to charge to.
Also enter the maximum charge speed in kW that the charger or your car supports. Or just select your car from the dropdown menu.

Lastly enter the different prices that you will be charged by the provider. Those can consist of a Session charge, a minute charge and a kWh charge.

The calculator will then calculate the total cost of your charging session.
It will be displayed along with a per kWh cost, so you are able to compare prices better.

Cost Calculator

  • Select your car
  • Battery Size of the Car in kWh
  • Start Battery State of Charge in %
  • End Battery State of Charge in %
  • Maximum Charge Rate of Charger or Car in kW
  • Provider Session Price
  • Provider per Minute Price
  • Provider per kWh Price